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Personalized Education And Life Consultancy Abroad

For your journeys to different and new horizons ...

As Unique London Education Consultancy; we provide “person-specific” education / life consultancy by evaluating and analysing the needs of students and individuals who meet new cultures and want to make progress in becoming a world citizen in different countries.

It is very important for us to have the most appropriate solution proposals for our clients /program researches according to their language levels, goals, dreams, wishes and budgets.

It is our job to direct you to the most appropriate program, course, project, schools or university in the UK, in line with your wishes, goals, talents and interests. We are also very competent and experienced in life in the UK. Our most competent advisors in the field of language and education. We are always in touch with our students and we know them, their families very closely.

Our consultants are in constant contact with the student, whether in the preparation phase or in the next whole process. Throughout this process, everything from the health of the student to the academic progression continues to be with them.

Training / Coach / Counselling

Training, Coach, Counselling, Foreign language learning , development, meeting new cultures and ensuring proficiency in becoming a world citizen. The school / program recommendation has been made according to the language level, purpose and remedies of the students. The teacher will be directed to the program, the project, or the university in accordance with the programs in the UK.

He has to work hard in the UK, experienced in life, language and education. Both preparatory process, counselling in stages, we will not break the connection with the student. In all these processes we continue to support our student in their academic progress.

Turkish Businessperson Visa Consultancy

The European Community Association Agreement (ECAA) with Turkey, known as the Ankara Agreement, allows Turkish nationals to enter the UK and establish themselves as a self-employed business person or as a worker in a business in the UK.

A Turkish national can apply for a Turkish businessperson visa if they intend to:

  • Start a new business in the UK
  • Come to the UK to help run an established business.
  • It will be necessary to satisfy the Immigration Authorities that they
  • Are a Turkish national
  • Have a genuine intention to set up a viable business
  • Will be bringing sufficient funds to establish the business
  • Will be able to pay a share of the costs of running the business
In case that your requests include Legal processes, we work with our legal solutions partner Lex Legal, to provide you with the best service. 
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