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Journey to "Education and Living" in England

Your application and procedures are now complete and you can breathe a sigh of relief. Now it’s time to prepare for the beginning and the end of your new life!

Arrival and Airport Transfers

It is one of the most important issues for our students and families whose applications have been approved to start their new life in England during this time. Because you or your children are very valuable to us.

Here is your first start flight organization and transfer later. These processes will also be planned by your UniqueLEC advisor and will guide you through the process.

The Determination of Your New Living Space in England: Accommodation

After your education / school approval; We will come to the UK and guide you again to the cost-effective and reliable accommodation service within or around the school, according to your wishes. We will evaluate you together with reliable, prospective homestay accommodation or the most affordable accommodation options for you, and we will reach you with the solution that will make you happier.

UK Visa Preparation and Application Process

It should be noted that there are strict rules governing the conditions for obtaining a UK visa. Our advisors will guide you through this before you apply for a visa.

For more information on visas, see this link.

The most important priority of UniqueLEC is to help you / your children at every stage of this difficult and stressful process; to solve / answer your questions and problems. Do not forget! Do you uniquelec’t advisors to support Turkey and the UK will be 7/24 just as close as a phone.

Country / Program Informing And Preparation

All overseas students who want to study in the UK must first obtain a visa. There are strict rules governing the conditions for obtaining visas in the UK and our advisors will advise and guide them before applying for a visa. For more information about visas, see the UK Students or UK Border Agency Web sites.

Most universities can offer their students special student rooms, usually located on or near the main university campus. If you do not want to stay in university campuses, many cities offer a good range of private accommodation and that will be the job of our consultants.

Our aim is to your children until the arrival from Turkey to England to work with families to ensure that all questions be answered.

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