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Turkish nationals can apply for Turkish Businessperson Visa if you want to start a new business or help establishing a business in the UK. This visa gives the applicant a restricted right of work. The applicants can start a business and thus they will be classified as self-employed.

Turkish nationals can apply for Turkish Businessperson Visa and be granted leave to remain in the UK as a self-employed person. You must provide certain documents such as a viable business proposal, your former education or experience related to the field that you would like to start your business in, etc. This visa categories only applies for Turkish citizens. They will be granted a visa for 12 months and at the of this term, they might apply for an extension for 3 years. They might bring their family(dependents) if you qualify for it. The qualification requirements may vary.

The applicants must be Turkish citizens and willing to start a genuine business in the UK. The applicant must have sufficient funds to set up his/her business and not need another job to cover the costs of his/her living in the UK. The applicant must have full control over the funds that they wish to use as the set up capital of the business they intend to start.

Turkish Businessperson category requires quite a lot of paper work and the business proposal required must professionally be prepared. It must include your financial estimations and expenditure of your proposed business. Our partner in legal side of business, Lexlegal Immigration with its expert team, has helped hundreds of Turkish nationals with their applications for Turkish Businessperson Visa.


The videos below are prepared by our legal business partner, Lex Legal

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