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Personal Education Coaching Consultancy in the UK

Training The coach is the person who guides, guides and informs him / her in order to improve the success of his / her education.

I mean from education life; school lessons and written exams, preparation for university exams, as well as guidance for future occupations, departments and universities.

  • Motive by talking to the student.

  • Sets goals.

  • What needs to be done to reach the targets is discussed.

  • A weekly study program is organized; all kinds of weekly programs such as when the student will be in school, at the school, at the boutique basic course, at studying, at private lesson, at home and studying, watching television, relaxing, sports, computer time, is organized. These kind of study programs without coaching support are generally not viable because they are far from the truth and they are done once in the period to try to comply with the whole year. On the other hand, the training VIP in the training method prepares a weekly variable program by interviewing the student in accordance with the lesson situation.

  • The student is given appropriate assignments.

  • The course work schedule and assignments are checked weekly.

  • The student and the pediatrician are called in coordination, the student is informed about how well he / she is attending to the program, the information about the situation at home, the situation in the boutique basic school, the attitudes in studies, the efficiency in private lessons and the comments of the subject teachers.

  • The teacher discusses with the guidance teacher, the class teacher, the teachers who enter the course, and shares information about the situation of the student with the school.

  • The written examinations and test results of the student are checked and the necessary moves are made and the studies are organized. In addition, individual lessons are set up for individual lessons (optional).

  • Based on the exam results of the student, interviews are made with the school teachers and where they are reported.

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