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Summer Schools in England

Learn English fluently in English and learn English in the same environment as native English speakers. There are many summer schools in every part of the UK.

Students’ preferences in general The capital of England is London, which is also the world city at the same time, and the periphery is south England.

Oxford and Cambridge, where the most prestigious university students in the country live, are among the first choices of students who want to study in Bristol, Bournemouth, Brighton and football town Manchester.


England, one of the four countries that brought the United Kingdom to the water, is located in Great Britain. The human rights and high living standards, the country where the sun has not sunk, the United Kingdom, which has been shown as the homeland of football and has adopted the social welfare system; but also by paying attention to environmental protection.

Among the major cities, especially London, are Cambridge, Birmingham, Liverpool, Bournemouth, Brigton, Oxford and Manchester.

Many of the world-renowned musicians have many individual development opportunities in the UK, such as sports, music, cinema and theater. It is not a better option than the UK for those who want to learn English in their homeland and experience different cultures, both in terms of social life and the deep rootedness of education.

​The aim of Summer School programs; It is a summer for young people aged 10 to 18 to share their English, along with sports, artistic, social, scientific, educational and cultural courses. Apart from the course programs, students can also visit the historical and cultural sites of the UK with their professional trainers at the beginning, 1 full day 1 half day per week.

Homestay accommodation in UK summer schools, on-campus accommodation, lodging in the country, etc. There are many alternative accommodation types available. In these accommodation, students’ vital activities such as eating and drinking, laundry are provided by their families or trainers.

Summer school programs with different age groups such as 8 – 12, 12 – 15, 15 – 17 can last for at least 2 weeks and 6 – 8 weeks depending on the preferences of the parents. If they prefer welsh, they can include this program with their children. Leaders can be assigned to groups who read at the same school and want to join the summer school program in the UK as a group, according to the number of people in the group.

Campuses where English summer schools are located; There are also tranquil locations that are wide in terms of facilities and often far from the confusion of big cities. The cities preferred by students are cities where the historical and cultural heritage of England such as Cambridge, Swanage, Oxford, and Bournemouth is preserved and the outgoing students can smell the air of Britain and world renowned universities.

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