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University Programs in England

Undergraduate studies in the UK usually last three years. Programs such as medicine, dentistry and architecture are sometimes longer, depending on the school. Undergraduate training generally starts every year as of the end of September – beginning of October. At the very beginning, some schools start as an exception in January – February.

Turkish students are required to attend a one-year foundation program before they can obtain undergraduate studies in the UK. The purpose of the Foundation program is to ensure that students from countries other than the UK are adhered to the education system there and complete the missing credits in their education. Accepting a program without getting a Foundation program is quite difficult. However GPA and English with a very high level or IB students in the high school site in Turkey, diplomas the students can start from as Level 1 class directly.

Foundation education is provided by some universities in their own structures and sometimes by private institutions. Each foundation education from each institution may not be accepted by every university and department. Therefore, students should pay attention to where they are and where they are valid before they begin their Foundation education. To be able to participate in Foundation training, you need to have an intermediate level of English. Some foundation program schools require a minimum IELTS 6.5 English level to participate in this program.

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